Wood Witch. Healer, Controller, damage dealer and newcommer to the group.


Former member of Nature’s Grasp. He was a shaman of a small village before starting his adventuring career. He is a male about 5’5" tall with skin that is slightly light for a Verrik. His eyes are a deep gold. He is usually seen in a long cloth button down coat and walks with his hands behind his back. He wears his hair long with a few braids intertwined. He is thoughtful and perceptive and brutally honest. He has the harshness of a warrior and the assessment of a philosopher. Udyr’s personality revolves around the idea of nature. Brutal and upfront. He is able to justify his own actions, no matter how violent or destructive on the laws of nature. Survival of the fittest. That is the law. Some creatures of the dark break this law and will be punished for it.


His old adventuring group was named Nature’s Grasp. They consisted of Udyr, Eliho (Loresong Faen Magister), Odos (Giant Bear Totem Warrior), Deion (Dracha Champion of Freedom), and their leader Endora (Litoran Mageblade). After telling the Giants about the dangers of Xarthran, they were ambushed and Udyr was the only survivor. He is now using The Stormfront, to get his revenge and bring balance back to Serathis.


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