Hawk Totem Warrior


Orad is a hawk totem warrior from the northern territory of Rrmunsk. Orad is 27 years in age, but exposure to the harsh environments of the North makes him appear 5 – 10 years older. Orad has brownish-red hair and has a short beard. He wears hawk totem hide armor and a grey cloak. Orad is almost always seen with his bow and his hawk.


Orad was raised with one of the hunting communities in the North. His tribe remained relatively autonomous from the more ‘cultivated’ serfdoms of southern Rrmunsk. Abilurd traveled to visit these northern tribes, attempting to win their favor in the war against Rorrin. When Abilurd returned south, he asked Orad to accompany him. Orad agreed and gained note as a hunter there, in addition to sometimes accompanying military excursions as a tracker/scout (it was during one of these excursions that he met Kirmaul?). When Abilurd returned to the North, he sent Orad, in addition to Kirmaul, to the south to continue his deeds there. Orad agreed without question, eager for another chance at Rorrin, on a new hunting ground.


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