Female Giant Warmain – Player Will Bevins. Amnesiac, pit-fighter, ally to the Stormfront. She wields a unique dire heavy mangler and a shield that would put the average door to shame. Standing well over nine feet and weighing almost half-a-ton, she is size Large rather than Medium (Giant racial lvl. 2; AE ruleset).


Ao-Damorel is an amnesiac. She woke up in an alley in the Dragon’s Wing of Serathis, wearing only a tattered, purple dress. Two well-wrought swords were lying in the dirt next to her, and a weathered book rested on her stomach; on its cover, an unfamiliar family crest. There were no other signs of her identity or purpose, but she was horrified to find scars running all along her arms and legs… they appeared surgical in their precision, and were only half-healed.

Gathering the swords and book, and turning more than a few heads, she fled to the Giants’ Quarter. The path was inexplicably familiar to her. The gate guards did not recognize this blood-spattered, terrified young giantess, and had no record of her or her possessions. They took her to the Giants’ Keep and registered her. As she could not remember her name, the duty officer assigned her the name written on the book’s inner jacket.

Promising to look into the matter of her past, the giants assigned her to a small community of widows. She showed little aptitude for handicrafts, mending, washing, or any of the jobs the other widows preferred. Out of pity for the displaced woman, they kept her services, giving her odd-jobs whenever possible. Finally, she was put in charge of laundry deliveries, since the commune’s stubborn old delivery mule, Ortego, adored and obeyed her. To make ends meet, she sold the two swords. While she has kept the book, she remains unable to decipher its unique script.

One day, while Ao-Damorel and Ortega were delivering a cart-load of new baskets to a baker in the Dragon’s Wing, four armed men confronted her. She tried to flee, but they quickly herded her and Ortega into an alley. As her assailants loomed closer, a strange feeling overcame her: terror gave way to excitement. Her lips spread into a disturbing smile, as if she had thought of a joke too cruel to share. Seizing the sword of the nearest human, she slashed at the men madly, raining blows until three lay dead and the fourth had fled in terror.

Abandoning the cart and poor Ortego, and still covered in the blood of her would-be assailants, she walked directly to Grom’s Pit. She now resides in a run-down shack near Grom’s, finding occasional work as a mercenary and fighting in the pits for fun. She has earned the fear and respect of those who frequent Grom’s.

She encountered the Stormfront through her association with the Oathsworn mercenary Haplo, another regular at Grom’s and the closest thing she had to a friend. When D’khanir transformed Haplo into a mindless beast, she swore on their friendship to destroy the vile thing he had become. She allied with the Stormfront, and eventually helped to bring him down. She abandoned the group shortly thereafter, having fulfilled her oath.

She remains in contact with the Stormfront, helping when she can as a sometime-bouncer at Grom’s and through her association with the Giants. Her greatest NPC contribution to date was simply refusing, sight unseen, an inheritance Haplo left her, instead forwarding it to Natalia and the Stormfront – it turned out to be the keys to Haplo’s old house, which the group converted into their new HQ after the Haplosion destroyed their first.


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