Abilurd Njakith

King of the Rmmunsk and friend to the heroes of the Stormfront


Male Human Champion of Death (formerly Magic) – Player Will Bevins. Warrior, spiritual viking, heir to the throne of the North. Left group shortly after events of Brightstone Keep to claim his father’s throne from usurpers.


Abilurd was born in the frigid Northlands, the first son of King Durrin and Queen Klotilde of the Rmmunsk tribe and heir to all he saw. As far as anyone in Rmmunsk was concerned, warriors ruled, hunters served, and everyone else was just shit-poor. So it had been; so it always would be. But the arrival of the Giants overturned this ancient culture for all time.

The Giants had recently performed a survey of the area, so so as to claim protection over it. They brought with them the trappings of civilization, such as comfort, effective medicines, stronger magic, and so on, which proved devastating to the traditional familial hierarchy. The ruling families began to lose dominance as the poorest folk, over four-fifths of the population, suddenly gained rights and self-direction. Anyone who so desired could move south – with the support of the Giants, no less – to the cities of a warmer climate.

Inevitably, a strong conservative element rose up in the more powerful families. A coalition formed, opposed to the changing society and emigrations, and King Durrin led its efforts. The coalition quickly gained power, harassing and even killing Rmmunskians who left for the south. The Giants could neither fathom nor suppress this movement. Having little other interest in the Northlands, they withdrew, leaving the once-stable, if repressive, society in a state of chaos from which it has yet to recover.

Abilurd had mixed feelings regarding the giants and civilization, and expressed this to his father. Durrin forced his son to undertake a three-week-long vision quest into the taiga. When Abilurd returned, he brought with him a strange sign: a 2 ft.-long reed, the likes of which not even their wisest witch had seen. Durrin proclaimed this a sign, and announced that it meant Abilurd was to travel south, to where oddities such as the reed occurred naturally. There, Abilurd would find the means to drive the foreigners out of their lands, and restore the traditional families to their rightful roles. His enemy: the Giants; his goal: their destruction, in revenge for the destruction of traditional Rmmunsk.

After swearing an oath to find means to destroy the Giants, Abilurd traveled south. There, his interest in magic found outlet in the practices of the mageblade, and he found a woman, Nivora Kirin, who was willing to train him.

His oath weighed heavily on his mind, but at the same time civilization called to him; thus torn between the civilized world and a desire to serve his people, he traveled further, to Serathis.

Fate struck him in the forms of Natalia, Ulthus, Theodoir, Kaezar, and Miratha, the founders of the Stormfront. Together, they made enemies of half of the city while undertaking quests for the other half. He befriended the ill-fated Haplo, was saved on more than one occasion by Teodoire and Ulthus, mocked Kaezhar repeatedly and may have developed scale allergies, studied diplomacy under Miratha, learned about alternative sexuality from Natalia, and introduced them all to potato distill.

Though they were non-Humans, he adored his Southland friends, and everything he had learned throughout his childhood was turned upside down in a matter of months. He shed his identity as a fledgling Champion of Magic, imposed on him by his father, and found deeper meaning as a Champion of Death, upholding the natural order and most ancient beliefs of his people, long-lost in contemporary Rmmunsk.

Eventually, Abilurd realized it would be impossible to overcome the Giants, though for some time he remained determined to forge alliances with those who could. Clumsily, he made overtures toward the undercity goblins, a dragon, trolls and all other manner of beasts before realizing his oath was unfulfillable.

Just as self-doubt began to creep past his enormous ego, Abilurd received startling news: King Durren was dead. Abilurd, as Firstson, was called home to become king.

Forced to abandon his true friends, Abilurd asked them for one final favor. He enacted the Ceremony of Second-Chiefdom, one of the most private and sacred rites of his people. Ulthus, Abilurd’s greatest shield-friend, served as his Ystefelv, and the Stormfront’s other members served as witnesses and crucial Fire-bearers. In a small clearing outside Serathis, Abilurd and his friends journeyed through Lfthsdæg, Reavendæg, and Berdæg – the days of commencement, deprivation and rebirth – shed blood as one, and gave him a sendoff as only friends can.

Though now bearing the seal-skin mantle of King in the North, and working ceaselessly to rebuild a working society from smoldering ashes, Abilurd remains grateful to the Stormfront. To honor his southern friends, he sent Kirmaul and Orad, northern warriors of great renown, to Serathis along with the hand of one of his enemies that he had turned into a wand of Finger of Destruction, and a mysterious, bloodied rag, which he described in an accompanying letter as an “omen-cloth….”

Abilurd Njakith

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