Serathis: The Storm of Memory

Genn's Epilogue

In which Genn comes to terms with recent events

After surveying the results of the battle at the Black Pyramid, the surviving members of the Stormfront return to one of the few places they consider safe; the Dragon’s Wing and the protection of their new patron.

The party is muted, keeping their thoughts to themselves; many things have happened in short order. They clean up, tend to their gear, see to their injuries. Eventually, all of the surviving members gather in the common room around a few bottles of strong drink; alcohol has always been something they could agree on. After a while, Genn speaks:

“First, a toast to the fallen. May their bravery and friendship be remembered, and may we meet our ends with their same measure of courage and defiance.

Our goal has been accomplished; Xarthran has been destroyed, and we have cast his plans into ruin. No doubt we have other enemies that still want us dead; Valdra is still out there somewhere, and I doubt she’s forgotten about us. We are still locked into our strange game of chess with Phargaryn. And our newfound patron may soon make demands of us; I doubt the Dragon has simply given us his protection for the sake of charity. But for a time, I believe we have some space, or at least a measure of respite.

No doubt our reputation grows; I’m sure the entire city knows — or thinks they know — what happened today. But there are some that deserve the full tale. With their liege fallen, the warriors of the North have no cause to be here, and I imagine they will wish to return to their homeland and bury their king. If they will have me, I will accompany them on that journey, and give them the news the best I can. I believe I can impart my memories of Abilard into a stone of sufficient quality, and any who hold it will be able to see the King of the North as I did. His people will know the Dragonslayer as I did, and they will know, too, that their kinsmen have brought honor and glory to their people.

However, I will not stay in the North; I will return to Serathis, so that when our fey companions return they will know they are not forgotten, that the Stormfront still stands with them. And, if she is willing, I will help Miriana find her answers. If we cannot avenge Arkith, perhaps we can understand his quest, and I pledge my skills and strength to his daughter’s side, until she releases me from that.

If we can, perhaps we will find out what has happened to him in the Library; I’ve flirted with the idea of re-taking the collection of books to the south that now serves as Kaezhar’s tomb. I imagine the Dragon wouldn’t be opposed to that. Or perhaps we can be of aid to Boren; we owe him and Senka a debt or two, and I believe his cause to be as just as any.

But as for vengeance, I think it is behind me. I’ve made what peace I can with Tarja’s death; she’s not coming back, and I believe any attempt to do so would be a fool’s errand. What happened to Kaezhar is proof of that. The past doesn’t exist save in memory. And vengeance, I’ve come to find, is a hollow victory. I have had my revenge, but at the cost of those I hold dear. It’s too heavy a price to pay.

The rest of you are free to do as you will; I hold you to no oaths, no bonds save that of friendship and respect. But know so long as I draw breath, you will have quarter in Serathis, and a ready hand in any battle you believe worth fighting."



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