Serathis: The Storm of Memory

Game notes 2012 May 19

In which the Stormfront scratches a lich

We type the code, and go in.

The room is dimly lit — we see the room is more of a workshop, with chemical components, tools, books, and other equipment. The floor is grated, and there is a noxious smell coming from below.

“So, you’re in my house, you’ve killed my housemates. This is the one and only chance I’m giving you to leave.” It is Xarthran’s voice, but we cannot see him. Steadfast in our purpose, we say nothing and prepare for battle. Genn flies up toward the ceiling, followed by Orad.

Miriana casts a spell, revealing Xarthran on the ceiling, as well as monstrosities — flesh golems of some sort. Xarthran say, “Hmm, that was a nasty trick.” He commands his minions to attack us, and drops a book — the Wormflesh Manuscript — a copy of him rises from the floor, made of worms.

Orad shoots at Xarthran, but it reverses and turns back toward Orad, piercing him. Kirmaul sets herself against the flesh golem. The worm version of Xarthran encases Orad in ice on the ceiling. Genn goes to assist him, while Miriana manages to drop most of Xarthran’s spells in a single, amazing blast. Xarthran flashes anger, and directs the guardians toward Abilard, who becomes possessed — the lich then turns all of his guardians against Miriana.

Orad breaks free of the ice, and shoots another arrow at Xarthran — thanks to Miriana, the spell that deflected arrow are now gone. Abilard becomes dominated, and attacks our sonomancer. Genn rushes forward to attack the lich before he can re-cast his defensive spells. Miriana tries to cast Dim Door, but it fails.

The battle rages on; Genn tries his best to attack Xarthran, Miriana attempts to flee. Xarthran makes an arcane gesture at Genn, and he falls magically asleep, and thus falls to the floor. He lays on the ground, motionless, with a sickening thud.

Orad attacks the lich with a mighty blow, and Kirmual takes a wild swing to kill both the guardian and the flesh golem. Miriana sighs with relief, and then frantically motions Kirmual toward her. Udyr heals what she can.

Suddenly, we hear Xarthran in our ears, magically: “Don’t you know everything you do here is futile? When I kill your mage, she dies for real. If you somehow manage to get to me, I gain a new body.” He moves, and a spell goes off on Orad — he is encased in a magical sphere.

Kirmual flies toward the lich, and drops the hammer (or rather, axe) on our foe for a huge amount of damage. The worm version looks at Abilard, and says, “King of the North, eh?” and casts — Abilard, King of the North, Dragonslayer turns to ice.

Genn wakes up, groggily. “Xarthran!” he calls out, regaining his composure. “You say we can’t kill you? Do you know we destroyed your phylactery?”

“Which one?” the lich laughs. “The one at Brightstone Keep? The one under Null Lake? The one —” As she goes on, the Lord of the Moment allows events to catch up. “You didn’t . . .”

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?” Genn says. “Oh, you were through? Well, allow me to retort — WHAT DOES THE STORMFRONT LOOK LIKE?” As he says this, Kirmaul hits him again.

The lich falls to the floor, grasping a necklace as he falls, detonating one last fireball as he hits the ground. The worm version seems more real, now, and attacks Kirmual. Kirmual, King of the North, explodes, dead.

“Get off of me!” the copy Xarthran yells in Draconic, casting a spell that pushes Kirmual and Genn both away and encasing himself in a Resilient Sphere. Miriana dispells it, and Kirmual cuts him in half. Worms fall to the ground, leaving behind a flesh-colored book. Genn picks it up and gives it to Miriana to pack away, and then notices what has happened to the body of Tarja. He kneels down in mourning. Udyr similarly mourns his old party, doing the rites of his people to free their spirits. After some time, they both seem to come to get hold of their grief, and make way to depart.

The Lord of the Moment appears to Genn and offer to teleport us back into Serathis, at our hold home in the Giant’s side. We make our way back to the pyramid, which has disappeared. The giants are still there, but the fight we engineered has died away. Nobody pays us much mind, though some recognize us. We decide to retreat back to the Dragon’s castle to discuss.



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