Serathis: The Storm of Memory

Game Notes 2010 Oct 15

In which the Stormfront meets a Champion of Justice, and plans how to kill a slaughterfiend

The group is (reluctantly) working with Selsarras; we have been hired to bring back the lower half of his “associate” that was bitten off of by a slaughterfiend near Brightstone Keep — if we do so, the boots he is wearing are ours, provided we don’t examine the rest of the stuff. Selsarras, if we bring the boots back, has a plan using us and the magical footwear. Returning from our meeting with the slassan, we find a note on our door relating to Miriana, telling her to expect a dinner party invitation soon.

Miriana and Genn Belorn go to to the Library to find out what a Slaughterfiend is; they are a kind of giant, spine-covered worm (40-60 feet long). (Think Purple Worm). They like to eat, can burrow, can see in the dark and many have some kind of tremor sense. They don’t have any specific resistances or vulnerabilities. The spines are valuable (and considered Masterwork spears).

The rest of the group looks at securing supplies and horses for the trip, and then we plan how to attack this beast. Options include attacking from the air, getting it to swallow something harmful (alchemist’s fire trick), or making it nauseous throw up the legs, or various magic items we have.

Still undecided on the best strategy, we set out the next morning. We leave the city and into the forest. We find good paths, thanks to our hawk totem warrior. The hawk sees, several miles to the north, something large. Genn sees, in the distance, smaller humanoid figures. It looks like minions of the Lifekeeper. We cross what may have been their path in the afternoon — looks like 10-20 humanoids, some mounted. Miriana recognizes the tracks of the mounts — a dothrog (a frog-like, aquatic creature, native to the Serathis area).

As evening approaches, the hawk spots something ahead — it’s unclear what. Some of us hear the sounds of combat up ahead. Genn takes to the air to see more. About 100 yards away, he sees one group that’s mostly human and litoran, with manglers — Hooks. The other group includes a tall giant with a huge axe, a litoran spellcaster, and some others. The giant is yelling the word “Justice!” in giantish, over and over. Genn comes back and tells the group what he saw, and it’s decided to help the Giant-led group. We come upon them, most of us feel that we may know the giant-led party from somewhere; perhaps we’ve seen them in the city?

We get into combat; as soon as the Hooks see Kurmal, one of them shouts, “The Stormfront is here!” The giant seems to be “testing out battle cries” — “For justice!”, “For great justice!”. A litorian in Hook attire steps out, hearing the news about the Stormfront — he’s adorned from head to foot in weapons. He casts a air-based Sorc Blast at us. Miriana casts Blinding Light, hitting several of the Hooks. Orad continues to rain death from afar. The heavily-armed foe hits Kurmal for considerable damage; Miriana casts Dispel Magic on him, dropping many of his buffs. After some tense melee combat, we emerge victorious.

Miriana walks over to the Giant, introducing herself as we drop the last of the enemies. “We are the Stormfront,” she says. “We’ve had problems with the Hooks, too.” The Giant seems to be on edge still; cautiously friendly. He reaches out his hand to shake. “Yes; I am ”/campaigns/serathis/characters/131231" class=“wiki-content-link”>Tol-Bandari, Champion of Justice. It is nice to meet a just being. You have lived a clean life." Udir uses the Sight. “This is Rashkita, my healer,” the giant says, gesturing to the Litorian. “These others are my . . . League of Justice! Yes, that name seems fitting!” He seems to be still trying on the name. Miriana is again struck that she knows these people somehow; Genn recognizes the men following the Giant as (former?) henchmen of Valdra Longclaw, who we’ve seen not two weeks before. Udir casts the Sight, and sees a scale of justice, but something that might have been drawn by a child; detailed, but very crude. Rashkita seems more feral than many Litoran we’ve seen; a bit wild, with a homespun robe and a staff of burnt, charred wood that doesn’t appear magical. Tol-Bendari has a nice suit of armor and a giant axe, but lacks other gear. Many of the “League” have tattoos that seem fresh on their necks, with decent gear and weapons.

“We didn’t expect to see anyone out here,” Miriana says. Introductions are made. As he shakes Genn’s hand, he frowns, and then says, “You broke out of prison, having been put there for murder?!” and takes a swing, missing. Genn strikes back, hitting him well. Rashkita runs up to him, stopping him from swinging. “Murder? It was murder?” Genn glares at the giant. “I’ll not be judged by you or anyone else who doesn’t know the facts!” Miriana says something, and Genn snaps at her harshly: “Shut up, girl, you’re only seven days old!” Miriana touches Genn, and teleports him away.

Tol-Bendari lets the group leave, telling them to “remain just.” Genn and Miriana are arguing, with her being oddly harsh and seeming older than usual. We decide to set up camp for the night. Genn admits that what the Giant said was true, up to a point — he was in prison, he did escape, but he did not commit murder. We speak, but eventually leave Miriana’s and Genn’s past for later. We also gain a horse from the battle.

(The Claws of Malice — Dual Light Battle Claws. One (left) is just +1, while the other (right hand) is a Flaming Spellstoring enchanted version with no magical bonus – hence, neither additional ability works until it gets at least a +1 enhancement. When worn together, they also function as Gauntlets of Chorrim Strength +2. Kurmal took these, just for the strength bonus.)

We travel the next morning, eventually come to a box canyon. It’s about a mile in length, and about 60 to 70 feet deep at the bottom. There are some trees at the top; there are some trails leading in, and the canyon widens out. The front half of the canyon seems to be settled; there seem to be campfires, possibly from akthars.

We discuss how best to kill the slaughterfiend; drawing it out and hitting it hard all at once seems to be the accepted strategy. Kurmal is taking point, with Genn flying above and ahead. He’ll try to drop the thunderstones to bring out the fiend, and when it appears, everyone else will be 30’ behind, and hit it all at once.



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