Serathis: The Storm of Memory

Adventure Log for 2/11/2012

In which the Stormfront converses with The Master

The group begins by discussing options to rescue Three. Miriana attempts to use Clairvoyance to view Three but the spell fails, ruling out teleportation as an option. Orad communes with his totem spirit and seeks the answer to “Is the giant Del-Dorran alive?” and receives the answer “No”. The group eventually decides to negotiate for her release and head to The Cathedral, leaving Genn and Udyr behind to guard the house.

Assistant 16 arrives at the Cathedral and begins a discussion with the group. He assures the group that The Master means the group no harm and would prefer the group win out over Xarthran and offers to share information. Miriana asks that Three be returned as a show of good will and he assures the group that she will be waiting for them when the group returns home. Abilurd asks if creature has been impersonating dDel-Dorran the entire time, to which it replies “You have never actually met Del-Dorran. You have only ever met me or an illusion controlled by me”. It further reveals that Del-Dorran was a giant noble that came to Serathis before it was revealed from the memory and died. His identity has since been assumed by The Master.

Miriana asks what happened to Mirinith. The creature responds “You made us promise not to talk about it”.
Miriana responds: “I think things have changed, and the promise is no longer valid.”
“If that were the case, then the deal would no longer be valid. I can tell you that Mirinith and the being you know as ”/campaigns/serathis/characters/79683" class=“wiki-content-link”>Fraalsch came and spoke with my master and a deal was struck. I can tell you no more than that. Not knowing isn’t hurting you. Also, you should really stay away from null lake."

Orad asks where we can find Xarthran. Assistant 16 responds that the inverted pyramid provides power to an invisible keep that floats above the city. Xarthran makes this his base. Assistant 16 says that they could provide in trade an akashic memory stone that would allow us to teleport into the keep once we have destroyed his phylactery.

Assistant 16 goes on to explain that Xarthran has cast a spell that will return him to his phylactery should it be destroyed, but he misunderstood the nature of the prison and his spell will not function. The prison exists in a place between this ‘now’ and the next, known as ‘The Moment’. The Moment is ruled by something known as the ‘The Lord of the Moment’ which we are told, looks something like a giant lobster. The Moment exists as a sort of place of potential not yet realized, so that if we destroyed the lich’s phylactery he would not know of it until either the Lord of the Moment chose to allow that information to pass on to ‘real’ time, or until Korangar returned to the plane. This presents the group with several options on how to confront Xarthran: they may bring Korangar back to Serran, causing the Xarthran to teleport to Korangar’s location (which they may be able to choose) and fight him there, perhaps with the demon’s assistance or they could make a deal with the Lord of the Moment to release the information about the phylactery at a moment of the group’s choosing.

Miriana then asked some questions about Phargaryn (answers detailed in his bio).

It is revealed that while Three will remember being with us in every case that we will remember her being there, it was not always her. Miriana demands that Three be returned and allowed to remember what has transpired, but Assistant 16 says that this is possible, but that it would have to make her go elsewhere. The group decides to back down from this demand.

Assistant 16 lets it slip that we have caused the destruction of previous incarnations of itself.

The group discusses a few options for dealing with Korangar and Xarthran for a bit and sends for Genn and Udyr, filling them in on the way. Assistant 16 confirms that a rune child would only need to give up their power to release Korangor. He also described the method by which Genn could reunite his soul with his body. He would need to destroy the dagger, which would be very difficult to do, although dipping it in the waters of null lake would likely make it easy.

Genn, unable to contain his rage, finally abandons guarding the house and makes his way to the cathedral. Seeing the group involved in a figure, he storms up to the person, grabbing him by the lapels (or equivalent), and demands, “What does the Master want with us? What does he want with ME? WHY DID HE CHANGE ME?!”

The creature steps back easily, avoiding the grab, and somehow in the intervening seconds has managed to draw a sword into either hand. “I’d kindly ask that you keep your distance, Genn.” the monotone voice intones.

So long as Genn (or anyone else, really) makes no move to advance into the ‘neutral zone’ it’s once more placed before itself, the creature straightens and resumes a nonchalant pose. Interestingly, the swords it was holding disappear back into it’s arms – the two metal fingers move aside, and the blade retracts into a cavity within.

“You were changed because you had….Potential. Potential for greatness, potential for great darkness – it was as if the coin were still in mid-air, really. So I hedged my bets – I added equally to both sides of the equation, then nipped the bud as it was forming to see what would develop in it’s stead. It seems clear, now, what direction you would have gone – fighting for ’what’s right’, all that – but then, who knew? The fringe benefit of all the is that your Potential is still there, unchecked, unclaimed, and right below your skin. It means you are singularly useful in getting into The Moment, if nothing else, and won’t suffer the ill effects therein.”

Genn steps back. “I don’t care,” he says. “I don’t give a damn about your Moment, or your Master. I want my life back. You think you gave me a gift, but you stole from me everything I valued. I want it back. I want to be just a man; I want to decide my own fate again, to make choices for good or ill, and to live with the concequences of my actions, whatever they might be.”

He turns away from the construct and back to his companions. “Have we figured a way out of this yet; if we’re to be pawns, let’s get it done with. If we’re able to trade my ‘Potential’” — he practially spits the word — “to defeat this lich, so much the better. I’m willing to do that. Whatever it takes to avenge our fallen and get my life back. And if it doesn’t work, or we’re being used,” he continues, turning back to the creature, “I swear to you, I will let the world burn.”

“What would you have me do, Genn? Bring your cuckolded best friend back to life? Send Abilurd once more into oblivion so you might have back your ladylove? Somehow reverse the flow of time itself? Please. You have all the potential – and Potential, ironically – to do whatever it is you feel needs doing.”

“Be warned, however – your unique nature grants you certain unexpected perks, such as being immune to Akashic Memory alteration. If you chose to rebond your soul and lose your Potential, even I’m not sure what’ll change there.”

“Go, then,” Genn says, waving the creature away. “We’ll play your game, since we don’t seem to have a choice. We’ll plan, and prepare, and at the time and place of our choosing we’ll confront Xarthran. What will happen after, I cannot say.”

Once the creature leaves, Genn turns back to the company. “We should prepare. Senka is already working on our weapons and armor. What else do we want to do? I’d prefer to fight this battle on our terms, and I’m not willing to lose anyone else.” Here, he takes a long, remourseful look at Miriana. “Do we try to bring the lich to us? Do we try to create a distraction at the Pyramid and catch him by surprise? It seems sooner or later we’ll have to confront this demon; we should know exactly what we want from him.”



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