Serathis Gazetteer

PCs, aka The Stormfront:

  • Arkith – Male Sibeccai Ritual Warrior – Player Jason Yegge. Tank, tactical nightmare. Husband of the now non-existent Miratha. Was removed from the world (somehow) some 10+ years ago with Fraalsch, and reappeared shortly before Miratha’s death.
  • Genn* – Male Human Akashic/Unfettered – Player Dane Sizemore. Skirmisher and knowledge base, swashbuckling two-weapon fighter. Keeper of a secretive past, and of strange memory-related abilities. Thinks he talked to a lobster, once.
  • Natalia* – Female Faen Winter Witch – Player Joseph Burke. Battlefield controller, ice and fire mage. Lesbian. Sister of Teodoire. Keeper of a mysterious past.
  • Teodoire* – Male Spryte Greenbond – Player Max Poirot. Healer and controller, and sneakiest PC. Bit of a stoner. Brother of Natalia. Has a mysterious past that he’s mentioned in game several times.

Former PCs:

  • Abilurd – Male Human Champion of Death (formerly Magic) – Player Will Bevins. Warrior, spiritual viking, heir to the throne of the North. Left group shortly after events of Brightstone Keep to claim his father’s throne from usurpers
  • Ao-Damorel – Female Giant Warmain – Player Will Bevins. Amnesiac warrior, large and in charge. Left group after helping destroy her friend Haplo, is now working for the Giants.
  • Fraalsch – Male Human Magister – Player Gabe Digcomo. Helped kill Haplo, then disappeared. Wiped from Akashic Memory by The Master, but reappeared near Rune Construct. Long-time companion of Arkith.
  • Kaezhar* – Mojh Mageblade (former Runethane) – Player Ryan Bennet. Tricky and often running headlong into battle. Skilled in magic and weapons. Turned to a Mojh against his will, and after dying in Brightstone Keep was reborn as a Tiefling. Committed suicide in Nobuo’s library after killing M’rkanth and hearing revelations of his destiny from the Emaciated/Creepy Mojh.
  • Clovek* – Companion Animal/Rune Beast of Kaezhar.
  • Lamont* – Male Human Wolf Totem Warrior – Player Forest East. Warrior and Northman. Wiped from Akashic Memory by The Master. Reappeared for a time near Rune Construct.
  • Miratha – Female Sibeccai Akashic – Player Jason Yegge. Killed by in a fight with D’khanir and his minions, and was then wiped from Akashic Memory by The Master. Apparently passed word to Arkith through Fraalsch near Rune Construct.
  • Ulthas – Male Litorian Wolf Totem Berserker – Player Gabe Digcomo. Lots of classes, lots of speed, and lots of strength. Killed by D’khanir, and then wiped from Akashic Memory by The Master.

Major NPCS:

  • Eia-Perren – Female Giant, Champion of Knowledge. Leader of the Giants in Serathis, but commanded by the Throne. Cold and aloof, all business and intellect. Distant.
  • Krovacatharis the Seeker – Colossal Black Dragon. Ruler of the Dragon’s Wing, one of the two ‘official’ major forces in Serathis. Bit of a dabbler and a dandy, but with vast reserves of wealth and resources. Has shown interest in both Kaezhar and Boren in the past.
  • The Lifekeeper – Female Dryad Spellcaster. Mover and shaker in The Barrens. Seeker of vast power and perverter of life, the Lifekeeper seems capable of many things – mutation, augmentation, divination, and crafting. Controls an army of Akthars and many other minions.
  • The Master – Mysterious Mover-Behind-The-Scenes. Undead, powerful, and capable of altering the Akashic Memory itself. Many tendrils throughout Serathis.
  • Phargaryn – Unknown. Appears to be a robed Inshon, but commands a small army of Inshon beneath Stonepile Lake in the Slums. Has vast magical powers and deep knowledge of some things, but has the personality of a curious child. Seems to genuinely like the group, and often trades intel for stories.
  • Rune Construct – A chunk of the Collective Unconsciousness that’s bound to Serathis. Serves as a sort of Wikipedia for Serathis. Powerful, but completely differential to Dramojh….and Kaezhar.
  • Selsarras – Slassan, based out of the northern Slums. Has worked with several other powers in Serathis, but seems to always be in the Stormfront’s business.
  • Tor-Irlan^ – Male Giant (Large) Warrior. Commander of Eia-Perren’s forces, chief of the guards. Gruff, but fair.
  • Tarashkar the Pursuer – Male Sibeccai Skirmisher. Leader of the Giant-sponsored Outriders in the Slums. Considered by many to be a folk hero, a la Robin Hood.

Minor NPCs:

  • Assassin with the “weird metal glove” – Unknown. May be working for The Master, the Lifekeeper, or Selsarras. Formerly worked with the Goblins. Seems to be very agile, capable of great damage, and speedy. Made an attempt on the life of Vardallian.
  • Boren^ – Male Human Shopkeeper. Husband of Senka. Runs Boren’s Oddities, and was initial ride and employer of the proto-Stormfront. Has had a love/hate relationship with the group, but seems to be fond of them in general.
  • Councilor Nobuo – Former Council of Magister’s member. Long dead. Tomb was looted by the Emaciated/Creepy Mojh, and his staff (and book, and golem) was stolen.
  • Del-Dorran – Male Giant Noble. Friendly if a bit flighty, Del-Dorran has provided the group with several highly lucrative missions. He initially wanted back the Cloak of Dimension Door that was stolen from him by M’rkanth. Pays well, and is staffed by a small contingent of “ninja” Sibeccai.
  • D’khanir – Male Dracha Ironmain. Initially, D’khanir was just a thug that got badly beaten by the group after a failed mugging. Subsequent to the Akashic Memory Wipe, he retained knowledge of the past (as did the group), but blamed the Stormfront. He hired Haplo to hurt them, fought and tormented the group, and was eventually slain by them in his underground base. Corrupted Haplo. Killed Ulthas, and his minion killed Miratha. Brother of M’rkanth.
  • Emaciated/Creepy Mojh – Mojh Spellcaster. Powerful, and now holds the Council Staff of Unravelling, Kavisaret. Jovial, but dropped an Arboreal Corrupter in combat. Also has access to minions, a Shield Guardian, and the Wormflesh Manuscript.
  • Garza^ – Male Human Barkeeper. Owner and operator of The Rusty Nail, a wretched hive of blah blah blah. Kind of a jerk. At least his bar has whores?
  • Grassik – Female Minotaur. Has worked for group twice, seems to have genuine fondness for group. Or at least Ulthas.
  • Grom Skullcracker^ – Male Litorian Retired Warrior. Owner of Grom’s Pit, a bar and gladiatorial ring in the Dragon’s Wing. Rough, but fair.
  • Haplo – Male Human Oathsworn. Mercenary, he fought an initial form of the Stormfront very early on. Eventually befriended various group members, including Abilurd. After his initial failure, he was indebted to D’khanir. D’khanir eventually paid the Lifekeeper to corrupt him, turning him into a half-Flesh Golem monstrosity. Killed by group, though in the process he leveled their initial house. He left them his old one in his will, however, and it has a portal into the sewers beneath Serathis.
  • Kisonraaliisar – aka “Lis”. Mojh Akashic. Went with group to Brightstone Keep, and was on a secret mission from Vardallian while there. Teleported back to Vardallian with whatever he had been sent to retrieve, and hasn’t been seen since. Had some very nice magical gear and armor.
  • Lothragos – Male Sibeccai Merchant. Neighbor of Haplo and legal ‘owner’ of the Stormfront’s current home. Friendly, self-effacing, and seems harmless.
  • Lo-Gar – Male Giant Carpenter. Repaired and retrofitted original home of The Stormfront, seemed honest and fair.
  • Lona – Female Human Sage. Bookkeeper and assistant librarian in Tower of Boundless Knowledge.
  • Matheen – Male Human Sage. Former Chlorthek, former assistant to Councilor Nobou. Was ‘saved’ by the Emaciated/Creepy Mojh and left with the group. Helpful and basically harmless, but not terribly useful.
  • M’rkanth – Male Dracha Oathsworn. Brother and minion of D’khanir, he grew enraged at his death and promised vengeance. Stalked and tormented the group, and worked for various people (Selsarras, Krovacatharis, Vardallian) to fund these activities. Eventually made deal with the Lifekeeper and was mutated into a plant-hybrid monster. Killed by group in Nobuo’s library.
  • Rat^ – Male Sibeccai Barkeep. Owner of Rat’s Nest, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Was initially unfriendly towards group, but after being saved twice by them has warmed. Currently on the lamb, afraid of the Blood Hooks.
  • Senka – Female Human Magister. Wife of Boren. She is always wrapped in robes, gloves and a porcelain mask, and never speaks. Enchanter of items.
  • Sivalion – Male Verrik Sage. Keeper of Records and Head of Tower of Boundless Knowledge.
  • Stompy – Huge Iron Golem. Berserk, remnant of an ancient battle. Rumored (according to Phargaryn) to contain an imprisoned troll warlock with a unique spell.
  • The Steelclaw Brothers (Savi and Booeth) – Male Litorian Warriors. Rode with Boren and Stormfront into Serathis, have subsequently joined with the Blood Hooks. Threatened group once during the difficulties with the Goblins.
  • Trunk – Male Faen Loremaster. Leader of a small Faen village of refuges from Serathis, he asked the group for help against ‘tree monsters’ and several kidnappers of children. After the group saved 9 of the 10 children, killed M’rkanth and returned with tales of an Arboreal Corrupter, he took his village and left. Seemed friendly, and fed and sheltered the group several times in addition to providing them a magical boon.
  • Valdra Longclaw – Female Litorian Thief. Tunnel-runner and smuggler, Valdra was a known contact in the underworld. She was put on a contract to kill the group after providing them win intel, but was betrayed as the Blood Hooks showed to kill everyone. She survived, but her husband (a Litorian Mageblade) did not. She told the group never to seek her again, and has since remained largely out of their hair.
  • Valvero – Male Faen Baker. Ran bakery that served as front over entrance to D’khanir’s base. Disappeared after raid on said base killed D’khanir.
  • Vardallian – aka Van Der Halen. Male Human Merchant/Patron. Employed the group several times, but grew angry at their mooching. After driving them off and later being blamed for an assassination attempt on the group by M’rkanth, he attempted to wipe their memories using an item from The Master. Genn countered it, and this left Vardallian at their mercy. The group, taking pity, took him to Phargaryn, who in turn turned him into a glass statue to ‘protect him from The Master’. Rumored father of a woman from Genn’s past.
  • Verral – Human Male Shopkeeper. Run’s Verral’s Trading Post, a well-known business in the Dragon’s Wing. Rumored to be a bit more unscrupulous than Boren, and often has more mundane items.
  • Yalanara – Female Hag. Rumored to be a prophet and a seer. The group sought the Hag’s advice once, and she offered to help for only the price of Kaezhar’s arm. They’ve not been back since. She lives in the grove in the Slums, guarded by several Trolls.

NPC Groups

  • Akthars – Curious humanoid beasts with their own version of the Akashic Memory that allows them to share feats/skills/wounds. Several different tribes, each with it’s own unique quirk. Ru-Akthars are somehow related to them as well.
  • The Blood Hooks – A group of thieves and ne’er-do-wells that had a base in the Slums that the Giants leveled. They’ve subsequently returned (or, at least, something claiming to be them has) and are now terrorizing the populace.
  • Giants – Ruled by Eia-Perren. Largely authoritarian and stodgy, several have proven to be helpful on occasion. A constant presence in the Safe Quarter, but only elsewhere when they’re getting in the way. Phargaryn has implied that they are infested with traitors.
  • Goblins – The Goblins lived in a series of tunnels and caves beneath the original home of The Stormfront. The eventually aligned themselves with D’khanir and The Lifekeeper, and the Lifekeeper turned many into trees for leverage against the rest. The chieftain, his wife, and their most powerful warriors were killed by The Stormfront shortly before the last encounter with the Rune Construct.
  • Inshon – Large tribe of them lives under Stonepile Lake, and appear to submit themselves to Phargaryn’s rule.
  • Minotaurs – A group of mercenaries and guards-for-hire out of the Slums. Grassik works for/with them.
  • Trunk’s Village – 20 some-odd refuges from failed lives in Serathis. Friendly and in debt to the group.

’*’ – Original PC from first Serathis session.

’^’ – Eye issues – missing, socket, patches, etc.

Serathis Gazetteer

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