Ancient Languages:
  • High Devanian
  • High Sennes
  • Vnaxian
  • Draconic (hasn’t changed a whole lot in 2000 years, original name lost in history)

Modern Languages:

  • Devanian (Common language of the Diamond Throne & Noll- derived from High Devanian, strongly influenced by Nyssian)
  • Tharthol (High Sennes dialect influenced by half a hundred languages)
  • Verdunian (High Sennes dialect influenced by Haraen & Thartholan)
  • Falloran (Devanian dialect influenced by High Sennes & Sonish. Largely used in the Free Cities.)
  • Sonish (The Common Trade Tongue. It was developed in the South, but the Giants adopted it and added a bit of their own flavor.)
  • Rrmunskian (The language of Rrmunsk)
  • Haraen (“Faen” – language of the Harrowdeep)
  • Du Charad (with Du meaning “speak”. Sibeccai speak this by default.)
  • Terraka – Central Plains/Northern Litorian tribes
  • Sotho – Southern Wastes / Zalavat Litorian tribes
  • Shona – Western Litorian Tribes
  • Akan – Fallanor Litorian tribes
  • Kishar – Kish Litorian tribes. This is also largely the common language for Kish.
  • Zalavat (language of the Verrik homeland, descended from Vnaxian, influenced by High Sennes & High Devanian)
Monstrous Tongues:
  • Durketh – Language of the Shadow Trolls, Trolls.
  • Durchtal – Battle tongue of the Chorrim Nyss, the Black Tongue – Common tongue of the Dramojh Empire, used by goblins and other monstrous creatures of the Diamond Throne.

I’m going to suppose that there would have been a distinct Nyssian influence on Devanian, Verdune, Thartholan, Terraka, Sotho, Shona & probably a small influence on Haraen & Zalavat, given the long rule of the Dramojh. Most cursing is, thereby, Nyssian.


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