Savi Steelclaw

A hulking Litorian Mercenary


Savi Steelclaw is the younger of the 2 known Steelclaw brothers. He travelled with Boren’s wagon train to Serathis with the original group members, but when the wagon’s were first attacked neither he nor his brother helped to defend them. Upon arrival in Serathis they promptly headed into the Slums, and the group didn’t encounter them again until the day they knocked on The Stormfront’s door and setup the Hooks’ ambush.

Savi is shorter than his brother, but much more heavily built. He currently wears a suit of articulated plate and wields a bastard sword and shield. Both he and his brother work for the Bloody Hooks, and appear to be relatively high in the command structure at this point. They have only engaged the group once in combat directly, and even then they retreated to find a more favorable battlefront. The combat in question resulted in the death of Arkith the Lost.

Savi Steelclaw

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