Serathis: The Storm of Memory

Game notes 2012 Mar 25

In which the Stormfront does several fairly gross things with entrails, and makes a deal with a demon.

The three members of the Hanavere Trinity are Nalos, Tayana, and Seron.

We attempt to detect magic; the heart and the entrails of the dragon radiate primal, universal magical energy. We use the Lens of Analysis on the heart and entrails; the Lens tells us that the heart, if fully consumed, will render the eater immune to all poisons and disease, forever. Upon use on the entrails, the lens flares and goes dark.

We flail around a bit, looking for answers, at one point even asking the entrails in Draconic where we should go. We try holding the knot next to each door (a la Monkey Island); we try tossing the entrails to see where they point. We also check to see if the entrails resemble any draconic script or an

We decide to rest and heal up. Orad flies up to the second story, and discovers that when a living being is up there, those doors also appear to activate — more choices, it seems.

Udyr tries the Sight — against all odds, it actually works. The entrails are immensely powerful; he gets an image of a maze, like a hedge with small red flowers, from above. Eventually the archways get closer and closer together, blending into a single hallway.

We decide to try a door; specifically, the door above and opposite to the one we came in on — in other words, we go through the blue door on the roof. We decide to keep the same marching order, with Kirmaul holding the entrails; we also say the "all hail. . . " bit. We seem to come into the same room that we just left; the dragon’s corpse is there (on the roof, now), and all other details are the same. We seem to have come out of a blue door, just as we went into one. We decide to continue Orad’s plan; this time, we go below and left, through the orange door. Again, the same thing happens; we’re in the same room. Udyr and Orad notice that the dragon seems to be decaying rapidly; the entrails that we are holding seem ok, but time is apparently moving differently in the room. We continue to follow Orad’s path; he dragon continues to seem to decompose. We go through again; now everyone can see the decomposing. The room also appears darker. Our view of the world below also appears darker. We switch again, and go through the blue door. Same thing happens; this time, as Kirmaul walks through, the entrails untie themselves. The dragon is now severely decomposed, rapidly becoming a skeleton. “The entrails have untied!” she says, and on a whim shoves her hand into the intestines. It seems to be bigger on the inside, somehow — her arm seemed to be smaller when inside the entrails.

We debate what to do; rashly, Khaezhar and Klovek decide go into the entrails. They seem to get smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and eventually disappears entirely. Orad consults his totem and receives no response. Lacking other ideas, we follow Khaezhar.

We crawl out; we appear to be in the same room, but it’s completely dark now. The dragon is nowhere to be found, though some leftover viscera and such are still there. We search, and find nothing else. We decide to go back through the entrails, but it is now much less pliant and we are unable to do so. It seems the Stormfront is stuck in this room, for now.

Kaezhar tries to fly through the “roof” — and upon breaking that barrier, discovers the temperature drops and there is no air. Below, he sees four squares below with the other members of the party, and nothing else — nothing. He tries the same thing on the other side; looking behind, he sees the same four portals suspended. He strongly suspects nobody else would survive. One other thing of note is that nothing is in color, with one notable exception; the Rune Sea is bright, electric blue. He tries to see if the constellations are the same; they seem to be. When he’s on the star side, he finds out where the sun should be, be, but makes out only a black disc.

The way the colors have been washed out remind Genn very much of his past experience in The Moment. Kirmaul beats her axe against her shield and yawps in frustration. Miriana grabs the intestines and flails them about wildly . . . and discovers completely by accident that the ‘back’ end activates the doors, and it appears to go through. We decide to go through the entrails again, using them to go through the door.

We come into the same room, once again; the map of Seran appears to be breaking apart below, and above there are no more stars. There are skeletons of various styles, wearing plate mail and holding greatswords. More disturbingly, there is a dracolich sitting at the center. “Oh, hello,” he says as we enter, “We meet again.”

“All hail the Hanavere Trinity,” Udyr says. The dracolich responds, “Yes, yes,” but doesn’t attack. All of the doors appear to be empty, black voids. “Where are we?” Orad asks. “You are in the Moment.” he responds.

“The only people that can see the correct door are people without souls.”

The dragon takes the dagger, and plunges it into Genn’s eye. Kirmaul runs up, but is stopped.

The spell completes; "If you like, "

The rune is now red, and is the rune for “vengeance”. Genn can now see the “correct” door.

“I think we both know how you’re going to hide this for me.” Genn says, handing him the knife. He dives off, and in several hours. “In exchange, I’ve returned something to you as collateral.”

“Have I met you before?” Kaezhar asks.

We will bind the demon to a contract that says we will release him if returns to Saren with us at a place and time of our choosing, destroys the lich and only the lich Xarthran as quickly as possible, and the moment the lich is destroyed he returns immediately and alone to the Nine Hells, and never willingly allow anyone under his influence to again return to Saren.

Satisfied with our oath, we enter a door that Genn indicates.

We enter into a room of nothingless; in front of us is a makeshift platform of earth, as though it had been ripped from something. On top of the platform is the crystal skull; it’s as large as we are. On either side is a pillar; one glows light, one grows “anti-light”. All of us agree, and Khaezhar and Miriana do the ritual.

A voice comes to us as though someone was “No, don’t leave me here again . . shit!” Udyr says, “What?” “Exactly,” the demon responds. “We posses the means to release you,”

“We will bind the demon to an oath that says we will release him if agrees to he return immediately and alone to the Nine Hells, and never allow himself or anyone save the Stormfront that is under his agency or under his influence to come to Saren.”

I will agree to this, if you render me mortal and provide the means to leave the plane.

Oath the third:

“We will bind the demon to an oath that says we will release him by rendering the head mortal and providing the means to shift planes if agrees to provide the truename of Xarthran and then return immediately and alone to the Nine Hells, and never allow himself or anyone save the Stormfront that is under his agency or under his influence to come to Saren.”

The demon agrees: “I swear an oath upon my name in Sigil . . .”

Genn places his hands on the demon’s eyes, and says, “I forsake my power to give life once more to Korangar.” The crystal glows green, and now it is around a solid, fleshy head; Genn is cast aside.

“That’s much better,” he says

Xarthran’s truename is “Goarulskul”. Allow me one one moment of gloating; you never specified you were leaving here alive. Allow me to give you two truths and a lie. You should never trust the Lord of the Moment; destroying the Jaren would probably end Time as you know it; the Master is looking for the demon’s body."

There is a blast of fire and brimstone, and suddenly we seem to be in the throne room of Tower Rock, home of the Bloody Hooks.



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