Serathis: The Storm of Memory

Game notes 2012 Mar 15

In which the Stormfront attempts to unravel a knot

Abilurd, King of the North, Dragonslayer, throws back his head and laughs a deep, sonorous laugh. “This is no map. Perhaps it is a key, or password, at best. It is, simply, the way. The way to the center. Do not think it so literal a thing.”

Genn starts pacing back and forth, staring at the floor. “I’m not sure, Tarj— Alibard,” he says. “Some of the knots are left over right, some right over left. Could that be a clue, for right vs. left, perhaps? And while they are all overhand knots, they are tied on one another. I need to think,” he continues, lighting up his pipe and staring blankly into the distance, attempting to consult the Memory.

Orad suggests the three knots may have something to do with the Hanavere Trinity; Udyr agrees that it is three little knots that are surrounded by one big knot, “But what does it mean?” he questions. "Triple knot! What does it mean? Is it a metaphor for each door or is are we now suppose to turn left 3 times for each knot or say “klaatu barada nikto!”



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