Serathis: The Storm of Memory

Game notes 2012 Apr 28

In which the Stormfront tries to reach a lich

We take a week, and prepare for what may be our final battle. We buy some gear, and prepare our abilities and equipment as needed. We say our goodbyes to Boren, Senka, and what few friends we have in the city. Genn toasts the party; Udyr spreads incense and does a ritual according to his traditions. We also find a Memory Stone, containing what seems to be the floating Pyramid. Miriana sends a letter to Tol-Bandari, asking that he avenge Arkith in the event we don’t return. She also goes to see the dragon, requesting aid or advice. He suggests attacking the cultists at the pyramid, possibly dropping the pyramid below the clouds.

The morning of our planned attack, we decide to hire local mercenaries to attack the pyramid; meanwhile, we also hire the Vengence’s Fist to contact the League of Justice, tipping them off about the mercs, and then we tip off the giants alerting them of a huge gang fight at the pyramid. Miriana successfully hires the minotaur mercs, and the rest of the plan also seems to go smoothly. Hearing commotion, we teleport onto the floating fortress to hunt for our nemesis.

It’s cold and windy at the top of the floating fortress when we arrive. We see people, mostly mojh, stepping onto platforms that teleport them in a flash of light. Thankfully, we are not seen. There appears to be a large stone gate, slowly closing. Leaving Orad’s totem hawk outside to watch, we enter inside and proceed down the stairs.

Oddly, the roof also has stairs — ones that seem much older. The one we’re on seems to have been carved fairly recently. At the bottom of the stairs, there’s a doorway. Genn lights a sun rod, and we proceed onward. Orad listens, and hears at least three people on the other side of the door. We decide against stealth, Kirmual kicks in the door.

We see four mojh in the barracks — surprised. One makes it out the door; the rest attempt to hold us off. Kirmaul, in a fit of blood-lust, hits Abilard multiple times (Editor: multiple critical misses). Despite this, we quickly dispense with the rest of the mojh.

We quickly search the room. We find 1200 GP of coins, two emeralds and a ruby, a bandolier with a single magical dagger on it (+1 returning dagger)), a teddy bear, a bag of saffron, a thick blanket, and sundries. Genn guards the door, but seeing nothing, kicks the nearest chest, yielding what seems to be a treasure map to something in the Forest of Towers.

Remembering our deal with the Lord of the Moment, Genn summons him with the Coin, and speaks to him, telling him, “It is time.” “Very well,” he replies, and reminds Genn that we will all be trapped here until he does otherwise — it is unclear what, exactly, has changed.

We continue onward, and deduce that not only is the structure upside down, but it appears to be symmetric. We continue downward. Coming to a circular room, Orad listens at the doors. One room is ominously quiet; in another, there are several voices whispering. Orad also notices a faint dampness, going from one room to another — from a room with a bubbling noise to one with the voices.

We decide to attempting shimming the doors, and go through the ominously quiet door. We open the door — it’s empty, save for a summoning circle made of silver, set into the floor. There’s a torch every ten feet that light immediately with a silver fire as soon as the door is opened. There are scorch marks on the ceiling, and a barrel full of salt in one corner, and one of chalk in another.

We decide to leave it be (save for spilling the barrels) and take another door. We find it full of glass tanks. As soon as we enter, two runes go off, and suddenly light from above makes it as bright as day. There are two that have been broken out of; the rest contain mutations, experiments that obviously failed — mammals with no skins, creatures with two heads, and other monstrosities. This appears to be some sort of laboratory; there are notes and some equipment strewn about. Udyr finds Kaezhar’s chest tucked away in a corner. Genn drops an Alchemist’s Fire on the box, destroying the remains and hopefully preventing further experiments.

We kick in another room, and find it lined with bookshelves. There are a number of tables that have been flipped over and with defenders behind them. At the back of the room is a green, glowing portal, and in front of it is a pedestal with six gems set into it. On the columns are magical torches that give off good light but no heat. As we enter, a rain of crossbow bolts hit Kirmual.

Udyr responds with a Dazzle Sphere, and combat ensues. A drakka comes out, huge and terrible, obviously the result of some sick mutation from Xarthran. We continue the battle, but he is terribly strong and drops Kirmual. However, she is quickly avenged by Orad, who then proceeds to continue his rain of arrows upon our enemies. Eventually, however, he suffers a wound to the hand (crit hit), making his shooting much harder. It’s healed quickly, however, and we continue to destroy the mojh, and eventually clear the room. Miriana takes one alive, and Abilard guards him.

We loot the room, and find a bunch of masterwork gear, various leather and hide armors, repeating crossbows. The mojh were using scrolls and potions; the drakka has armor and a huge magical giant sword, but the armor is fused into his body. We also find 973 GP of treasure.

The mojh comes to, and Miriana talks to him. “If you tell us where Xarthran is, we’ll let you go.” The mojh tells us the lich is through the portal. Udyr reads him, and thinks that he’s telling the truth. There’s a password, apparently, to prevent the acid fog. “If I tell you the password, you’ll let me go?” he says. “It’s blue blue orange green”. He tells us the final door is trapped, and that Xarthran had some failed spells that go off if anyone enters.

We debate what to do with our prisoner; Genn and Kirmual think we should throw him into the room first — meanwhile, Miriana puts him to sleep and extracts the true code from his memory — blue blue orange green red. “Well, we’ll give that password a try, shall we?” Miriana says. “Do whatever you want,” Miriana says.

“I have seen other people enter Xarthran’s lair. I saw him lead a party of four people into his lair.” From his description, Udyr recognizes them as his old party. “So, I gave you my word that I’d let you go,” Genn says. Then he leads him to the portal, and shoves him into the curtain of acid. The mojh dies screaming, and we hear a deep laugh echo through the library.



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