Serathis: The Storm of Memory

Game notes 2012 Apr 21

In which the Stormfront avenges Arkith

“Well, kill them,” the human on the dais says indigently after overcoming the initial shock of seeing the party appear in the room.

Battle ensues.

Miriana casts a fireball, dropping several of the Hooks in one enormous blast.

The Steelclaw brothers, seeing the effectiveness of our casters, wade in.

The heavy Steelclaw brother kills Kaezhar; his blade clatters to the floor as Kaezhar’s image dissipates soundlessly.

The battle is hard on everyone, but eventually we beat down the heavy Steelclaw brother; in an act of defiance, he lashes out, felling Alibard, and almost drops Kirmual as well — she barely hangs on to consciousness. Miriana drops him.

“Bring it on, assholes,” Kirmaul says, recovering after using the wand.

Turns out the leader is a vampire, and after pulling the Steelclaw brothers toward him with telekenesis, starts making them into thralls.

We decide to flee, and manage to intimidate the lesser Hooks outside of the room.

We decide to go to the Dragon’s Wing for protection, such as it can be had. We are taken into a room to clean up. Genn goes limp and cleans up mutely. Kirmaul at one point utters in exaspatation, “Why do you guys keep falling down?” Still unable to

It’s been over 25 days since we last talked to the Dragon. Since that time, a new bunch of giants came in, usurping the existing leadership and the Lady Protector. She left with her loyalists peacefully. What’s more, they are looking for Alibard and his items, thinking that he was leading a revolt against the Diamond Throne. The Giant’s Quarter is no longer safe for us.

The Hooks have apparently been busy, consolidating power and trying to eliminate adventuring groups and others that may pose a threat. The Shadow Circle seems to have fallen, but the Justice League seems to have survived.

As we discuss northern politics, the dragon notices our pile of old coins from the old dragon. He asks that we dump out the bag of holding, and to our mild surprise, the parts of the dragon are gone; the heart has become a ruby. The dragon offers us 42,000 queens for the old coins. We use the Lens of Analysis on the ruby; it is a single shot of Perfect Health — if you use it on undead, a creature must make a will save or be destroyed.

We are given quarters in the dragon’s castle, and regroup.



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